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Just Tea For Two, and Two for Tea – Girls’ Tea Party

Last weekend, the Fancy House Gals threw a little girls’ tea party equipped with mini cupcakes, sugar cookies and fancy PB&J sandwiches.  Since we had our tea party in Fancy House Road’s small wrought iron gazebo, we could only fit two at the table.  Therefore, the theme for our little party was “Just Tea for Two, and Two for Tea“.

Just Tea for Two, and Two for Tea Tea Party

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The color palate for this little girls’ party was inspired by peach, blue and gold polka dot bolts of fabric we found.  Upon bringing the fabric home, we were delighted to find that Debs had some great serving-ware that worked perfectly with our theme.  With the serving-ware and fabric in place, we decided we wanted to bring out pinks with our flowers and food.  So, what do you think?  Would you join us for High Tea?


Please note: we will be posting recipes from this party throughout the week.

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