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Keighley Dear

Sunday we celebrated the birth of Queen Keighley Anne…

And while she graciously said she would not mind skipping her birthday highlight on Fancy House (we wanted everyone to have the chance to see the post announcing our contest), it just didn’t feel right doing so. She’s obviously more important than a contest.

Here’s to singing trashy rap songs to Debs, being hypochondriac together, and allowing all of us siblings to call you to vent about our problems.

Being closest to me in age, I’ve given you no choice but to be my strength during the trivial and even the toughest of times. You have been my rock. I know you feel that you chose all of us to be your siblings and that it didn’t just happen by chance…

Well guess what, we chose you too.

Happy birthday our Osgood-Schlotter, SKNB limbed and gorgeous, historical guru. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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