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Let’s Celebrate National Backyard Games Week!

You may have noticed that this week’s quotes revolve around backyards.  Now, this may have left you scratching your head.  Wondering.  Where did they come up with this theme? Um…. hello…. because it’s National Backyard Games Week!

If you knew this holiday existed raise your hands? Actually, leave me a comment because (believe it or not) I can’t see your hands.

In honor of this national holiday, I’ve compiled a backyard games material check list and links to some fun backyard games.  Ready, set… go!

Backyard Games Checklist

Click here to download your own checklist.


  1. Mouse Tails: Get little ones to step on each other’s mouse tails.
  2. Shark!: In this game, the kids play a game of shark vs. fish.
  3. Name-It Ball: This game marries bouncing balls and categories. (I loved these types of games when I was younger.)
  4. Water Balloon Toss: If you don’t have water balloons on hand, you can substitute them with bean bags, eggs, or wiffle balls.
  5. Blind Walk: Make an obstacle course slightly more difficult by blind folding the children. (Just beware of sharp objects.)

What are your favorite backyard games?

  • May 25, 2011 - 12:11 pm

    Alexa - Wow, you guys know all the national weeks to celebrate!! Is there a National Front Yard Game Week? If there is, kick the can should be on that list of games! Ahhh- the good ol’ days.

  • May 26, 2011 - 8:45 pm

    camberley - Lex-

    I hope there is a national front yard game week. Remember when we use to play in Grandma Dorthy’s front yard for hours. Simon Said, “Red Light, Green Light”, Sardines, Red Rover… Those were the days.

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