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4th of July Printable

A couple days ago, Camberley made an adorable 4th of July themed printable.


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Today I started fiddling around with the tags I printed off to see what I could come up with. Although I had neither the time nor embellishments I wanted to make a fabulous garland, I thought I’d share just a couple pictures to help spark your ideas. Hopefully, I will have a great garland done in a day or two… Now if only I had plans for Independence Day.


This one is obviously super simple. It requires nothing but ribbon and double stick tape. Its a fool proof garland that will give others the impression you are “crafty”!


Now this garland was going to be a bit more complex however I decided I would start fresh tomorrow… I just want something more. Better twine, better embellishments, more printable tags! So I will leave you with this incomplete picture of a garland with major potential. It’s gonna be cute.




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