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Back to School

I’m always talking school on here, and this blog post isn’t going to be any different. Heyit’s consuming my life. What’d you expect?

My summer classes end next week and I couldn’t be any more thrilled. I’ve been taking an accounting class and a business mathematics class– a.k.a I have been seeing double for the past eight weeks. I’ve been sleeping, eating, drinking, you-know-what-ing NUMBERS. My head is ready to spew lagrange multipliers, payroll taxes, and linear programming problems (I’m trying really hard to sound smart). Kid you not, I fell asleep last night going over a homework problem in my head AND I have exhausted every pencil eraser within my reach.

Once this tortuous journey ends I will have a three week break until my fall semester starts up. I can’t say I am excited for a new semester just yet. In fact, I’m really burnt out… which leads me to my next point: The first day of school outfit. I used to pick my closet apart to find the perfect items to lay out on my floor– didn’t every girl? My neighbor friends and I would show our displays to each other and vote on our favorite one.

Since I don’t know a single one of my neighbors and my husband thinks everything I choose looks good (surely he can’t be right), I’m sharing a back to school display to all of you.  

 |Anthropologie|Urban Outfitters|Ruche|

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