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Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea: Silver, Red, and Lime Green

Over the past year, I have fallen in love with gift wrapping.  Weird, I know. I think it’s because I look at gift wrapping as another creative outlet in my life.  Last year I spent hours in front of the television, watching old Christmas movies whilst cutting, sewing and tying gift toppers.  I’m pretty sure Dallan thought I was crazy. After all, people were just going to throw all of my fabric and paper on the floor.  I don’t care. I only do it to please and entertain myself.  Plus, the fact that it makes me look “crafty” doesn’t hurt.  Oh, the vanity!

Pulling out gift wrapping supplies and getting creative with Christmas materials I have on hand (i.e. Christmas material that aren’t gathering cob webs in the attic) has been a great break from the heat this week.  I never realized that faking Christmas in July could be so fun.  I may even watch a Christmas movie tonight while Dallan is at Ceramics.

Today, I wanted to show off a wrapping idea that is perfect for those who may not be very confident in their bow tying skills.  My wrapping creation consisted of: lime green wrapping paper, red snowflake ribbon and an old snowflake Christmas tree pick. After wrapping the box, I simply wrapped one strand of my snowflake ribbon around it (taping it down in back).  Then, I cut the pick part off of my Christmas tree pick and taped it to the top of the snowflake ribbon.  Note: I’ve learned that, when it comes to wrapping, double sided tape is your friend.

Silver, Lime Green, and Red Gift Wrapping

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