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The Perfect Neutral-Gray!

Have I told you that I’m in love with the color gray? My love affair started a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a post about it. Then recently-while frantically pinning away on my Pinterest board {that I so cleverly titled-Deb’s Dream Domain} I saw that there was a common denominator in my future abode-gray. So today, I am declaring to the world that “I love gray” because it’s the perfect neutral.


Why is gray the perfect neutral? Gray lends itself to being warm or cool. Think of it this way. Warm gray has yellow, orange, and red.  Green, blue, and violet create a cool gray. When there is no cast at all, it is referred to as neutral gray. This is why gray pairs so nicely with many other colors. It allows the other colors to take center stage and pop.

Yes, gray is the perfect background color because it doesn’t compete. It’s taken over beige as the Switzerland of color. Personally, I like the cool or neutral grays paired with any  tone or shade of blue.

So FHR readers: Which gray are you-warm or cool? What’s your favorite color to pair with gray. I’m open to your gray suggestions for my future Dream Domain.





  • August 18, 2011 - 6:21 pm

    Ann Burr - I heart your site!! So happy I found it (thank you Twitter!) and can’t wait to spend many many hours here. So gorgeous! And I am a fellow grey lover so we already have something in common :)


  • August 19, 2011 - 3:00 pm

    jamie - Aren’t you proud of my pick of grey in my “new” house? Good thing I didn’t go with browns, hu?

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