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Design TV: Travel Influencing Design Aesthetic

Yesterday, we (Camberley, Kiersten and I) attended the #DesignTv chat on twitter. For over an hour we tweeted about travel influencing design aesthetic. I personally loved this discussion. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are this (fingers pinched together) big in comparison to the rest of the world! Being lucky enough to have traveled some, I’ve been able to personally experience some of the most amazing countries & structures in the entire world.  I hope to incorporate elements of these beautiful countries and cultures into my own home decor. The colors, art, textiles, and design aesthetics of other countries are so incredibly inspiring!

Not only did the #DesignTv chat get me thinking I should pay tribute to a different country in each room (that might be a bit much), but that I’m dying to travel overseas again. I’m thinking I will pull the ‘I’m a European History major’ and ‘It’s to study design & decor’ cards. Most of all, I’m wanting to experience the world with Michael.

Speaking of Michael, the other night while driving he turned to me and out of the blue asked why I wasn’t writing blog posts about us. He started reminding me of this, that, & those events that have happened recently and would “make great blog content”. I suppose he thinks we’re pretty interesting. I sweetly confessed that, “I don’t like sharing him”. However, I would do my best to write more stories so he can feel cool. Hopefully on Monday I can make his dreams come true.

Also, I’m pretty much a pinning floozy so stop by my Pinterest sometime. Thats where I found all my inspiration for the above images.

  • August 22, 2011 - 11:45 am

    Hilary Inspired - I’ve been blogging about David and i a lot recently… there’s just so much happening! But there are many things that I prefer to keep for myself, so I totally understand you feelings.

    As for traveling, you totally have legitimate excuses to pack your bags and hit the European roads!! Sure would be fun to do that again!

  • August 22, 2011 - 12:30 pm

    keighley - Hilary- I absolutely adore you! Thanks for the comment. I’m thinking I’m going to sit a suitcase in my room so it will remind me everyday that I can get myself back to Europe if I work towards it.


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