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Gift Wrapping: Paper Bows

I have another gift wrapping/embellishment to share with you! Surprise. Are you getting sick of these yet? Well, I promise you that you will be loving me when the holidays roll around. Now you won’t be scrambling to come up with something suitable to wrap your last few presents with when supplies run low. It always happens. Your normal supply of wrapping goods runs out just as you are about to finish.

Today I’m highlighting homemade paper bows. These are so simple, I’m annoyed I haven’t made these sooner. They would have come in handy!

What You’ll Need: Paper, Pencil, Mod Podge or Double-Stick Tape, Scissors

What You’ll Do:

  1. Make a template (blue one pictured)
  2. Trace the template & cut (brown one pictured)
  3. Place dab of Podge or tape in center circle
  4. Fold edges inward and stick
  5. Flip over!
  6. Add tails by simply cutting small squares, edges, and taping underneath bow.
  7. Add jeweled center or glitter if you prefer
  8. Attach to present with double-stick tape

  • September 16, 2011 - 1:53 pm

    Charity - Love this bow! Definitely trying it out for my next packages:)

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