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Setting Limits On Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Intake

Halloween is coming, and that means…CANDY, loads and loads of CANDY!  So let me ask you, do you dread the buckets full of candy that come home after all that door knocking? Or are you giddy with excitement at the potential gold mine of chocolate candy bars you will stake claim to?  I personally feel a combination of both.  I can’t stand that I must enforce limits on my children’s sugar intake, because they end up despising me.  However, I get so very, very excited to pick out the best pieces to stash away (so I can secretly consume the yummy goodness without having to ward off little vultures).

Unfortunately, consuming all that sugar happens to be a bad idea!  Why?  Well, there is the whole weight gain issue, possibility of decaying teeth, sugar-highs followed by crashing, and the potential for a whole slew of health issues.  Sugar, in any form, needs to be consumed in small quantities.  So, how can we limit what our children eat?  (I’m not going to even get into limiting adult (my) intake cause that all begins with self control.  As I see it, I might have trouble controlling my impulses but I can certainly control my kids!


Orange Halloween Candy Jars

Ways to Control Sugar Intake….

  1. Gather the candy when it comes home.
  2. Have the children pick out their very favorite pieces.
  3. Decide how many of their favorite pieces they can have.
  4. Decide how many pieces a day they are allowed to have and at what time.
  5. Use the candy to motivate them to eat healthy food first.
  6. Keep the candy well hidden.  If they know where it is, they will get it.
  7. Have the children bag up all the extra candy, once you have taken what you want from it, and donate it.  (Click here, for donation ideas)
  8. Explain to your children why eating too much candy is not healthy.  It is important for them to understand why you must limit what they eat.  Explain that the fun was in collecting it and that they don’t have to eat every piece.

I know a mother that lets her children go at it until the candy literally makes them sick.  That is another way to dispose of Halloween candy but I personally have a more moderate approach.  And in the end, I may not have much self control, but ultimately, I HAVE THE CONTROL!!!

  • September 26, 2011 - 3:11 pm

    stacy - I just do the candy fairy! They pick 10 of their favorite and then the candy fairy comes and leaves a gift in the place of the left overs. Then go take the candy and exchange it for for cash at the dental office.

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