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Fall 2011 Wardrobe Essentials

In the Charming Closets class by Reachel at the Hello There! House Home and Garden Event last weekend, it dawned– okay, fell like a ton of bricks– on me that I have my closet ALL wrong. Every time the teacher mentioned a closet no-no, I found myself inching lower into my seat because I am totally that person. From using dry-cleaning wire hangers (did I mention they were free?) to hanging my knitted sweaters when they should be folded, there’s no doubt that my clothing should be giving me a massive slap in the face.

One thing that I really want to improve on is my wardrobe. The problem with me is, I ONLY buy cheap bargain clothing that last a couple months or so. The issue is not with bargain shopping, but rather the fact that I am skipping out on quality. Then I am left with pathetic, snagged, un-tailored fabric hanging on dinky wires. So, my new goal is to occasionally invest in timeless, essential pieces that last a long time. Another rule of thumb is to keep the trendier items the less-expensive items. They only need to last a couple months anyway.

With this being said, here’s a fall wardrobe essentials printable. You can print, take it to your closet, and check off the items you have. These will be your investment pieces for this season.

To download click here.

What fall investment pieces would you add to the list?


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