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2011 Christmas Decor Trend: Metals

Today, I wasted a couple hours of my time looking up Christmas Decor on Pinterest It’s not like I don’t have 1,000 things to do before I go on maternity leave… One of the 2011 trends I noticed today was the use of metal Christmas decor accents: gold, silver, bronze, tin, copper, and pewter.  I saw metals being mixed into Christmas decor through the use of nativities, votives, figurines, ornaments, trees…

Metal Christmas Decor AccentsOne thing that’s nice about this decor trend, is that it can easily be mixed into some of the other popular trends this year like: Folk Christmas Decor, Minimalist Christmas Decor, Rustic Christmas Decor, and Silver & Green Decor.

What do you think about this decor trend?  Yay? Nay?  Are you using it in your own Christmas decor this year?

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