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DIY Christmas Wreath Ornaments

I bought some wreath ornaments for $.60 back in July. Even though they weren’t in the best condition, there was something nostalgic about them that I couldn’t walk away from.

Yesterday I decided that they needed a makeover. Although I loved the original candlestick concept, I wanted to use materials I already had to do the sprucing. So I went in the direction of holly leaves & berries.

While working on my own ornaments, I realized making these miniature wreaths would be quite simple. For the sake of getting this post up ASAP, I grabbed what I had and began crafting. With a great color palette of greens and reds, I think these DIY wreath ornaments would look amazing!

1.) Gather your materials.

  • You will need either cardstock paper or cardboard
  • Twine in a color of your choosing, I suggest something with a Christmas flare
  • Holly Leaves (you can cut your own or buy some scrapbook paper)
  • Poof balls that you can find at any craft store
  • Hot glue gun

2.) Cut your cardstock paper or cardboard into a wreath approximately 3″ in diameter. Loop twine continually around the outside edges of your wreath until you can no longer see paper/cardboard base. Hot glue or tuck any leftover twine on the backside of your ornament.

3.) Glue 2-4 “Holly Leaves” and a poof “Holly Berry” at the bottom of your ornament.

If any of you decide to actually make these, I demand you post them on our FB wall so I can see!

Happy Christmas Crafting

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