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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $5: Holiday CDs

The past 24 hours of my life have been spent hopping between work, Holiday CDs, house work, Holiday CDs, painting my Advent calendar, Holiday CDs.  To say that Holiday CDs were controlling my life right now would be an understatement.  I’ve been tasked with burning 80 CDs for an upcoming Holiday party and I’ve made the task even more difficult by dolling up the CD cases.  Since I’m in the process of burning all of these CDs, I decided to burn a few more for family, friends, and neighbors (people still listen to CDs in their cars, right?).  This is a simple way to hand out a plethora gifts for under $5.  Actually, after I priced everything out, I’m spending about $1.50 for each gift.  Genius, right?

In an attempt to make these special, I stamped the CD case with a Nativity Stamp (I used acrylic paint instead of ink) and tied them up with twine and jingle bells.

Christmas Gift Under $5: Holiday CDChristmas Gift Under $5: Holiday CD

Note: If you’d want to make these gifts even cheaper, you can create your own CD case using cardstock (or wrapping paper).  I liked these two tutorials I found online:

By using cardstock to create the CD case, I believe you could keep the cost down to about $.30-.50 a piece.

Do you have any other inexpensive gift ideas?  Please share!

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