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Controversy, Drama and Cat Fights

{The FHR Girls: Jamie, Debs, Ashley, Camberley, Kiersten, Keighley}

Since I’ve been absent from Fancy House Road for such a long time, I considered reintroducing myself. {Some of you may have been wondering if the FHR girls really did have a mother.} However, I’m boring. Exposing my daughters is far more fun and entertaining. And it might even create something on this blog that my son in law has said our blog is lacking. Controversy. Drama. Cat Fights.

Hopefully I can create a little of all these elements by writing a straightforward, honest post that shares with our blogger friends what these girls are really like behind the scenes.  And I’m going to do it by describing each girl using only ONE word. Pretty risky if you ask me. However, for the sake of the blog I’m willing to forsake the great relationships that I have with my daughters.

Camberley, Kiersten and Keighley

Kiersten’s descriptive word would be “raw“. Kiersten is always so well put together. She looks, acts and dresses immaculately when she’s out in public. She’s the perfect lady. However when you get her alone with her sisters and the jokes start up, Kiersten tops everyone in the gross or slightly suggestive department. Don’t turn your back on her or you’ll be the victim of her infamous “hook”. And I’ve seen her do some dance moves that could earn her a good living should she choose to go down that path. She’s the queen of funny in our family because she will always take things one step further in order to make us laugh so hard our sides ache. However, she didn’t start out being so funny. When she was little no one in the family thought she had a funny bone in her body. Everyone ignored her jokes. So that’s when Kiersten took it upon herself to make lemonade out of lemons and set a goal to become the family clown. And she’s succeeded.

I decided last year that the perfect word for Keighley is “quirky”. She hates it when I call her this. For her it conjures up images of people who wear mismatched clothes, use pocket liners and only do their hair once a week. But I think of it as someone who strives to be an individual in the midst of so much of the same. How many of my other daughter’s label their food when they have a food war with their hubbies {and then write about it} or consider diet Coke and Goldfish Crackers comfort food? We all love the way that Keighley thinks and acts outside the box. She’s everyone’s best friend. I think in part it’s because she’s set herself apart from the other girls with her uniquely fun style and we all want to experience it. But then again, we hardly ever get to because she doesn’t answer her phone. Why? Because this quirky girl doesn’t believe in using the ring-tone feature on her phone. Definitely a quirk.

When I thought about coming up with a controversial word for Camberley it wasn’t easy. As the middle child in the family she has inherited  the perfect middle child who wants to make everyone happy gene. So how do you describe someone like this in one word? You make up a word like…  “Flexstinate” {definition: someone who is emotionally flexible 90% of the time with an occasion bout of being obstinate}. Most of the time Cami compromises and lets the rest of us have our way-unless she feels really passionate about the situation. Then Cami will stand firm in her conviction without wavering. She actually has an opinion and will express it clearly and directly. And that’s when things get fun. Phrases like: “Oh it must be your time of the month” or “Excuse me, but why are you in a bad mood. Don’t you know that you’re not allowed?” are just some of the comments that we have been know to direct back at her. But in true Cami fashion she always remains calmly “flexstinate”-even if it really is that time of the month. A real talent.

Next Up:  The Other FHR girls:  Jamie, Ashley and Debs

  • January 19, 2012 - 7:51 am

    Audrey Cooper - I love this post. The mix of personalities makes this blog so enjoyable.

  • January 20, 2012 - 11:19 am

    BeccaMarie - I love this. I love the made up word and how much mom loves her daughters. Excited to hear about the others :)

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