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Inside FHR: More Controversy, Drama and Cat Fights…

Last week I attempted to create a little controversy, drama and a few cat fights behind the scenes at Fancy House Road. So far, not a one. But that is not stopping me from pressing forward in my efforts to describe the remaining FHR girls using one word. However, this time around I’ve lowered my expectations. I’d be happy with a few tears.

{Johnny and Jamie}

First up this week is my one and only daughter-in-law, Jamie. The credulous one. I bet you’re wondering how and why I came up with this word for her. Well, the definition of credulous is:  one who is willing to believe or trust, unsuspecting… gullible. Jamie has been all of these during the 7 years she’s been in the family. You’d have to be credulous in order to jump in and survive among 4 sister-in-laws and 1 MIL. She had to believe that she could handle all of our distinct personalities {Oh, the pressure!}, trust in her abilities to be her own person {Oh, the confidence!} and be unsuspecting of everyone’s motives when under an oath of confidentiality they’ve shared with her: “You’re really my favorite. I love you even more than my own sisters.” {Oh, how gullible!} Yet our credulous Jamie has done it all with such grace and ease.

Kelson, Ashley and Katelyn

Ashley is the oldest of all the FHR girls and would best be described as excitable. True to eldest child form, she’s the cheerleader of excitability in the family. She gets everyone onboard the family fun wagon.  The self-designated social secretary, event planner, preparedness specialist and distributor of information both good and bad. Need an idea? Ashley’s got loads of them filed away in her brain. Need information on deadly diseases? Ashley knows them all-or at the very least those that are indigenous to the North American continent. Want someone who’d be excited to hang out with you, even at a moment’s notice.? Ashley’s the one to ask. There’s only one other person in the family that even comes close to Ashley in excitability. If you guessed Katelyn you would be correct. Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Debs and Baby Landrie

Finally we come to me, Debs. What word would I use to describe myself without giving too much away? It’d probably be best if I leave it up to the FHR girls to come up with their own word for me. However, to give you a little insight, Kiersten and Cami came up with the nice words of capable and involved. Guess that means I’m really good at getting myself over-extended, over-committed, over-worked, and over-planned. Just thinking about these descriptive words makes me feel over-exhausted.  Looks like they are over-correct. Makes me want to cry.

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