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Decor Trends: The 2012 Purple is Amethyst and Orchid

Anyone in my age group will remember when the color purple became a big hit. All I have to say is: “Donny Osmond and his purple socks” and it brings back memories of young girls around the world becoming obsessed with this color. Girls wore purple clothes, purple mascara and decorated their rooms with purple decor-complete with Donny Osmond posters on their walls. I guess that I can now admit out loud that this is when my love of the color purple began.

2012 color-decor-trends

Just recently, I was going through my January issue of Better Homes and Garden and came across this article. It reminded me of how much I’ve always liked the color purple.

2012 Purple Color trends

Purple will continue to be a strong color presence in home decor through 2012. Look for such words as Amethyst or Orchid being used to describe this purple trend. There are many different hues of this color that naturally occur in nature. So it’s up to you to decide if you are going to use the “rich and regal” or “pale and delicate” approach to purple that was mentioned in the BHG article.

Rich and Regal

2012 Color Trends Purple

Pale and Delicate

I will be honest with you. While I’ve liked the color purple since the day I fell in love with Donny, I’m not one to paint an entire room in this color. I’m more of a purple accent person. How about you?

2012 Color Decor Trend-purple

Sources: BHG and Sensational Color

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