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Decor Trends: My Color Commitment

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In searching for the perfect colors to use for my Family Room re-d0, I started by perusing the websites of different color experts to see what they’ve ¬†forecasted for this year. When I came across Brentano Fabrics 2012 Color Trends it was love at first site. I knew these were the perfect color choices- and a sign from decor heaven-as they match the rug in my kitchen perfectly! Here’s how Brentano describes these colors.

Marine: A continuation from 2011, Marine is a navy that plays up the rich, jewel-toned aspect of the color while keeping true to its classic appeal.

Sprout: This bright, yellow-green shade is perfect for livening up an atmosphere. Use it for accent pieces to give interiors a fun, current twist.

Tangerine: A saturated orange with a touch of red, tangerine offers a fresh counterpart to sophisticated neutrals.

Paper White: 2011 saw a move from creamier neutrals to this “true white” that is pure, clean, and luxurious–the perfect basic to continue using in 2012

Graphite: While Brentano’s 2011 color forecast called for silvery, platinum hues, 2012 will see grays shifting to a darker charcoal that looks beautiful with colors (such as deep yellows and purples), or pairs perfectly with neutral shades.

Linen: This color looks beautiful as a crisp white or dyed a vibrant color, but also has a natural appeal in its unprocessed, raw form. Its comforting, clean feel works as a neutral, but also offers stunning warmth that makes it the perfect color for a subtle palette.

Article Source: Brentano

P.S. Here’s the Company C Yuri rug that’s the inspiration for my family room.

design inspiration-decor-living-room

  • February 9, 2012 - 8:10 pm

    camberley - Fun rug Deb Debs! I’m sure you’ll be able to rock it.

  • February 10, 2012 - 11:46 pm

    BeccaMarie - Two words come to my mind when I see these colors. ‘Mature’ and ‘Smart’. I think they are lovely colors. Nothing that would become annoying after seeing them everywhere for a year. I’m excited to see the outcome!

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