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DIY: Valentines Crafts to Love!

I have a confession to make: I love Valentine’s Day but I’m a love procrastinator. I give lip service to the fact that it’s my favorite holiday yet I don’t take the time beforehand to prepare. Everything I do for this holiday is done over a 2 day period-I think and prepare the day before and I execute the ideas on LOVE DAY. {Shhhh, don’t tell my hubby or he will think it’s okay to buy all my present at the last minute, which all women know, makes the present less meaningful. Right ladies?} So today I jumped onto Pinterest to get My Creative Mojo going and found these love-ly ideas. They fit my DIY heart-craft criteria: quick and easy to make “the day of” while looking like I’ve spent lots of time and energy making them. My family will feel so loved.


DIY: Valentine

Do you have any last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day? Please share! XOXO


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