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DIY: Tissue Paper Confetti Gift Topper

Does anyone else get overly excited about wrapping gifts?  I love using it as an excuse to play with my crafting supplies. Nothing brightens my day like cracking open a Diet Coke, turning up the music, and getting my glitter on.  Okay, maybe Josephine’s little smile could be included in that list.

Since my crafting supplies and I aren’t able to spend as much time together right now, I’ve been focusing on projects that can easily be completed in one afternoon 10 minutes.  When I stumbled on a quick tape and confetti gift topper idea, I decided to use it as my latest gift topper inspiration.

Easy Tissue Paper Confetti Gift Topper

There are three steps to making this gift topper.

  1. Punch your colored gift wrapping tissue paper with a paper punch (or hole punch). You could even use a fun paper punch shape.
  2. Cover the top of your gift with double sided tape.
  3. Roll double sided tape in confetti.

If you’d like, embellish your gift a little more with ribbon, gift tags and glitter!


Note: all of my pictures came out blurry {ahhhhh}, I’m going to retake some photos and post a new one tomorrow.

  • February 27, 2012 - 10:42 am

    BeccaMarie - Ooooo! This is a beautiful idea! There could be so many color options. This would be a great way to decorate for a girly party as well. My mind is spinning!

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