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Decor Trend: Patterned Floral Prints

Marie Claire magazine declared: “Everything’s coming up roses (and daffodils, and orchids, and daisies) for Spring 2012 — head to toe floral prints are all over the runways.”

design trend-fashion-flowersFashion Floral Alert: It appears to me that there’s some “posting” competition going on between me and one of the other FHR girls. {And I’m losing.} Obviously we share the same genetically inherited love of floral prints and have seen what’s been shown on the Spring fashion runways this year. However, in the time it’s taken me to ponder, research and write this, Kier has shared 2 great posts on the infusion of floral prints in fashion via dresses and then some great ideas for floral patterned rugs to add into your home decor. So now it’s my turn to jump in and “compete” by sharing my ideas on how to decorate your home with floral patterned prints. This decor trend takes courage to use because, let’s face it, floral prints are a bold commitment. Yet they make such beautiful decor statements. Have I convinced you yet that you need to seriously consider using this pattern? Especially since it’s just beginning the upward swing of the decor trend which means you can’t go wrong by being so home fashion forward.

decor trend-design-flower-

How about floral printed furniture and floral wallpaper-together? A great idea to pair up two totally different floral prints by using different colors, scale and intensity. I could see me using this look in a bedroom for one of my daughters.


Decor trend-design-floral-pattern-print-chairs-art

I love, love, love the floral prints on these dining chairs. Using colors this bold become the flocal point when you use them in a room with a white color palette. Then add supporting colors throughout the room in the artwork, drapes and furniture.



At first I thought of my Grandma when I saw this large floral wallpaper but after looking at how it was paired the neutral gray sofa, the smaller scaled patterns in the pillows and the large leaf patterned rug-I changed my mind about it being a look that’s limited to the senior population. After all, now that I’m a Grandma myself it would only make sense that this is a look I could see myself copying.



Lately, I can’t get enough white rooms. It’s my new “love it” in decor. Why? Because it makes the colors pop and provides a great backdrop for the large patterned floral print on the chairs and light fixture, the dishes and accessories in this kitchen.


Decor trend-design-floral-pattern-print

Aren’t bedrooms and floral prints great bedfellows? You can’t go wrong with bedding, pillows or lamps that have a floral print. Mix and match. Then change often for a room that never gets boring.



This bathroom is all about the large patterned black and white wallpaper which really becomes the focal point in this simply styled bathroom. Notice: no artwork, no drapes and very few accessories. It’s all about the wallpaper.



The eclectic floral look. This bedroom is a great example of how you can do the entire room without coordinating each floral print. Yet it comes together in a such a harmonious way. I could see myself using this look in a cottage styled house.



Had to share this picture because-while I wouldn’t use this blue floral wallpaper in my own house- I love how it’s paired with hot pink and turquoise colors. It’s such a cheerful room and reminds me of spring. Can a room make you happy? This one does it for me.



I saved my favorite for last. This is a room that I would use for inspiration {translated that means I would copy the idea} for one of the bedrooms in my beach bungalow. In my mind’s eye it would be in the guest bedroom. I can just imagine how peaceful this room would be with all these great floral prints, with the window open while the faint smells and sounds of the ocean played in the background. My idea of floral paradise!

How do you feel about using floral prints in your fashion or decor? How would you use this trend in your own life? Pictures please!

Sources: UKTV|Design Sponge|HGTV|House Beautiful
  • November 21, 2013 - 11:21 am

    mary - Where can i find the black and white floral wallpaper in the bathroom

  • November 23, 2013 - 1:11 pm

    mary - LOVE the black and white flower bathroom wallpaper- reminds me of Alice in Wonderland- trying to find can you tell me name of wallpaper or designer or where to find

  • December 15, 2013 - 1:57 pm

    Lindsay Ames - Hi! I came across this posting on your blog (which I love!) and was wondering if you could tell me where you found the picture of the bedroom with the colorful floral wallpaper, and the owl lamps on the bedside tables. I LOVE this wallpaper and would like to find it for my own home. Thanks! Lindsay

  • April 16, 2014 - 9:24 am

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