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DIY: Personalized Prints For Gift Wrapping

It’s strange to think that I haven’t posted anything on FHR for months. For a couple days now I’ve been thinking about my return. Frankly, the last couple days have had me questioning whether I even want to return! I’ve had the notion that once I took the blogging plunge something dramatic would happen…. like my life would implode (or explode). Fancy House Road has been such a huge part of my life the last couple years that after taking a couple months off I feel a bit uncertain revisiting my old friend. Will I like her still? Will she like me? Do we have anything in common? Have we both changed too much?

Who knew blogging could be so emotional! ha.

So instead of trying to make my return something bigger than it needs to be, I’ve decided to share a simple yet adorable gift wrapping idea. If you’ve seen any of my other gift wrapping posts, you may have noticed that I have a thing for creating my own patterns with butcher paper and stamps. This has become something I love doing because 1) its cheap cheap and 2) it requires a small amount of creativity. Stamping patterns leaves me feeling frugal and crafty!

Today I’m touching on a baby theme because it seems like 2012 is coming up babies! Everywhere I look there’s a new baby. So with a pack of pacifiers (that I bought at the dollar tree) and my nushka doll stamp, I got to wrapping. Now if only I had my ideal ribbon… something just hasn’t quite clicked. Well, the Kelly Green yarn will have to do for now!

Do nushka dolls remind you of babies or baby showers? For some reason I keep putting the two together. I’m thinking I may have seen some trend on pinterest that has sunk into my subconscious.

  • March 29, 2012 - 12:17 pm

    Kim from 3 peanuts - Very cute. Welcome back. I really enjoyed this post.

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