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Kids Craft: Paper Doily Easter Basket

I love Dollar Tree.  I lack craft inspiration but once I walk into Dollar Tree or the dollar section at Target, I am enlightened.  I found these cute flower shaped doilies for $1 (each pack came with 40 doilies).  I know…gasp!!  Talk about a steal.

After getting them home, I brainstormed with the crafty guru and we plotted out these perfect little crafts.  My 2 year olds were a little too young to do them but the 4+ year olds really enjoyed this.  Cheap, fun and way cute – right?

Easy Kids Craft: Doily Easter Basket

Here is how you make these little Easter baskets.


  • Doilies from Dollar tree (or you can make some out of card stock.)
  • Twine, yarn, thread.  Anything to weave or sew through the holes.
  • Easter grass
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Some yummy goodies

Take two doilies and sew them together. Next, attach pipe cleaner to the top of the doilies to form a handle. Last, stuff the basket with grass and treats.




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