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Where have all the FHR Girls gone: The Perfect Excuse

Have you noticed that having a FHR baby babies has affected all of the FHR girls? With the arrival of Baby JoJo and Baby Landrie-Loo it would appear that we’ve all gone on maternity leave.

However, the real truth is that we’ve all been dealing with our own individual-stress-filled-lives that have diverted us from our passion for FHR. And we are not doing our posts like we should. You see, it’s difficult to have stress in your life when you have inherited the “perfect” gene. We are spending all of our time being perfectly stressed out. There’s just no time left over for anything else. It’s what I call the “perfect” excuse.

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Imperfect photo #1

I blame my Mom for giving me this particular strand of DNA. My daughter’s point the finger of blame at me. It seems that we are genetically encoded to expect to do everything in our lives perfectly. At the very least we should be working hard towards getting to this state.

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Imperfect Photo #2

For Kiersten, it’s the perfect grades now that she’s in the marketing program at ASU. Cami’s trying to be perfect at balancing both motherhood and the business world. Ashley and Jamie (not pictured) are gearing up for summer and wrapping their minds around the fact they will now be spending ALL DAY with their 3 children. Keighley’s working on contracting the perfect illness-or thinking that she’s about to. {Yes, these past few days she’s concluded that she’s at high risk for getting the flesh eating bacteria since we were in Georgia last week where 3 people have come down with it-and she happened to fall and scrape her knees while there.  A blog worthy story for another day.}

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Almost perfect Photo #3

My struggle with perfection right now centers on doing as many BIG things/projects/tasks as possible-all at once. Haven’t I learned by now that it’s impossible to do anything perfect when you take on so much? And that expecting perfection in all things is the perfect set up for procrastination. That’s my perfect excuse for not doing more blog posts. I procrastinate because I’m not as perfect as the other FHR girls are at this blog thing. But I’m going to change that and take the risk of not being perfect.

After all, I’ve learned there’s only enough room for two perfect FHR girls on the blog. And that’s Baby Jo and Baby Landrie.

Imperfect Photos that were taken during last week’s trip to Atlanta Georgia:  Photo #1: The FHR girls after a day of sleeping, eating, getting foot massages and celebrating Ky’s birthday.  Photo #2: Proof that the FHR’s are less than perfect. They even look a little possessed.   Photo #3: Perfect daughters captured via the photo skills of a very imperfect photographer-ME.
Disclaimer: We really missed having the other FHR boos with us in Atlanta!! Next time, we are forcing you to leave your husbands and kiddos to come with us– even if we have to come kidnap you in the night.
  • May 25, 2012 - 8:49 am

    Kayla - She is SO mini Cam in that picture. Beautiful girl!!

  • May 25, 2012 - 2:39 pm

    jamie - #1 Cutest baby girls EVER!
    #2 Come kidnap me anytime, I’ll leave the door unlocked.
    #3 Except, don’t take me to Georgia. I’ll pass on the flesh eating bacteria.

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