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Design Inspiration: Practical vs. Pop!

Practical verses Pop! Two different approaches to designing your living space. The Practicals mistakenly think that everything they put into their home decor needs to be very functional and comfort friendly. They are afraid to add a little Pop! Living life on the design edge is unthinkable. The Pop! person loves to see how daring they can be by adding things into their decor that are edgy with an artistic flair.


Sally Bridge Sculptural Chair


The fact is that you don’t have to pick one over the other. You can easily blend the Practical with the Pop!  Recently I came across some great chairs that are the perfect blend of Practical and Pop! And I thought I’d share how easy it is to do.

fabric-paisley-furnitue-decor-chair-sofa-Bokja Chair by ABCHome, Inc.

Use some wild and crazy fabrics: Mix and match more than one. Choose bold prints. This is an easy way to take a Practical piece of furniture and making it Pop! -without giving up functionality or the comfort. So easy.


Light Vintage Chair by Moda Furniture

Add at least one large scale piece furniture to your decor: Use a piece of furniture that is larger than life. One is that is larger scale than those coming to your home would expected. It will be the most used popular piece in your house because it’s Practical (comfortable) with lots of Pop (daring)!


Throne Chairs by Caspani


Select furniture that combines interesting shapes paired with comfortable materials. Go with furniture that looks like it fits “outside the design box” and pair it with materials and fabrics that feel great, have interesting texture and accentuate the style of the furniture. Like a modern chair made out of felt=the perfect example of Practical and Pop!


Peacock Chair by Dror Cappellini

If you had to choose a favorite Practical and Pop! chair, which one could you see yourself using in your own home decor?

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  • June 5, 2012 - 7:40 am

    Audrey Cooper - I agree, each room needs a focal point or a “Pop” and sometimes a fun chair is the perfect choice for a room.

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