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DIY: Father’s Day IOU Bow Tie Garland

I was trying to come up with a cute spin on the traditional IOU coupon booklet. Since bow ties are so popular right now, I thought it would be fun to incorporate an IOU message onto a handmade paper bow tie. Eventually this idea led to the creation of a Father’s Day IOU Bow Tie Garland. Click the below link to receive your free bow tie download and instructions on how to do this craft.



  • Download the bow tie template and type your IOUs centered in the middle of each one. For example: Valid for one breakfast in bed, or help in the garden, etc. If writing it out is easier, that is also an option.
  • Print your bow ties onto your choice of paper and cut them out. Also, cut out a small piece of paper to wrap around the center of each bow tie. (My strips were about 1/3 inch wide by 1 inch long.)
  • Take the outer squares of each bow tie cutout and bring them in towards the center square. Hold them there.
  • Next, take a small strip of paper and wrap it around the center of your bow tie, holding it together. Tape the flap of your smaller piece closed so that it does not come open.
  • Cut out your garland string and glue all of your bow ties to it. Make sure you are gluing the side of the bow tie that doesn’t open up to the string (the back side).

Click here to download the bow tie template.

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