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Fashion Alert: The Fall 2013 Color Forecast

Even though we’re just a few days into the Summer of 2012,  the new colors for fashion in the Fall of 2013 and the Winter of 2014 are being beginning to pop up.  I was surprised when I got an email from OPR: The Source for Fashion Information with a fashion alert detailing the fashion color trends for next year. Since it’s never too early to plan ahead, I just had to pass this information along.


PRECIOUS MEMORIES  is a fashion look that centers around a romantic vintage theme. Think old fashion, turn of the century America with vintage print patterns and distressed fabrics. The colors are androgynous which means that they will be used for both men and women. So expect faded rose and powdery shades and hues of the colors shown. It’s a dressed down casual look.

fashion-color-trends-fall 2013-winter 2014-ideas


DARK VICTORIES makes black  and gray look new. These colors are historically associated with Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco styles but this year there is the addition to this gray/black palette. You’ll see the color blue added to this palette and words used to described these shades and hues as “dusk to nocturnal blues, focusing on the deep, dark, midnight shades.” Expect to see these colors used together in a variety of patterns and fabric combinations.


fashion-color-trends-fall 2013-winter 2014-forecasts


RICH FOLK is a mix of looks and influences from Chinese, Japanese, Venetian, Byzantine  and American Native origin. Colors are a conglomeration of brilliant and opulent folk jewel tones. You’ll see folk patterns and prints, embellish peasant and ethnic looks. Expect these to show up as graphic designs in knits as well as woven fabrics.

Coming Up: The fashion fun isn’t over yet-there’s still 3 more fashion color trends for Fall 2013/Winter 2014

Source: OPR


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