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DIY: Wire Stands



Last week, I was trying to come up with something clever to give to the girls I teach at church. Since Dallan had hundreds of feet of wire sitting in our garage, I thought I would put it to good use. Using my bare hands, and some spray paint, I transformed the wire into cute little wire stands. Side Note: When I gave these to the girls at church, I had a quote placed in the stand.

These DIY gold wire stands are perfect for showing off photos around the home, displaying names on a party tablescape, or holding table numbers at a wedding. You could dress these wire stands up even more by dipping them in glitter or wrapping the wire into shapes (so the portion of the wire holding the photo would be a heart shape). Follow the “read more” jump for a list of materials and directions!


  • wire
  • wire clippers
  • something about an inch around to wind the wire (we used the end of  a screw driver)
  • spray paint


  1. Cut your wire about fourteen inches long with your clippers (if you want a taller or shorter stand then adjust accordingly).
  2. Wrap the wire around about 2 times around on one end and repeat on the other end. Test one of the ends to make sure it holds paper between the loops without falling through.
  3. Flip one of the ends so that it is perpendicular to the rest of the wire and push it down on the table. Keep working with it until it stands up on its own. It stands up the best when the bottom makes a sort of spiral.
  4. Spray paint it, and you’re done.

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