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DIY: Water Bottle Poinsettia Garland

Merry Christmas in July! Is your summer merry and bright?

Well, if you are looking to add some cheer to your summertime I advise you to 1.) get the plastic water bottles out of your recycling bin and 2.) grab a pair of scissors. As we sat around discussing ways to “upcycle” materials into Christmas decor,  the second most obvious item in our home were the water bottles piled up in our recycling bin from the latest pool party.  (Note: time to invest in a water filter for the fridge… plastic water bottles aren’t environmentally friendly )

These “upcycled” poinsettias not only look beautiful, but can be used as ornaments, Christmas Tree filler, present toppers or strung to make a garland.



Empty Water Bottles


Crafting Paint

Sponge Painting Brush

Wire or Ribbon (if you are wanting to make ornaments or garland)



Puncture each water bottle with your scissors and then cut in half. Once you’ve cut all the water bottles in half, go back through your stack of water bottles and begin cutting the poinsettia petals. To do this, you will cut vertical slits around the circumference of the open-ended side of the water bottle every 1/2 – 1 inches. Once you’ve completed cutting the downward slits, gently pull the petals flat until a flower shape takes form. Finally, make sure you add holes to the flowers made from the bottoms of the water bottles– this is essential if you are wanting to make a garland of any kind.  Now that all of your water bottles look like flowers, have holes in the centers for stringing, start painting them with your red and green crafter paints. When all the paint has dried, stack flowers in ratios 1 Green: 2 Red or 2 Green: 3 Red to make Poinsettias.  You can secure these flowers together with wire, fishing line, or crafting glue.

When you’ve assembled your poinsettias, decide which decor style will work best for you; ornaments, filler, or garland!



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