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DIY: Clay Christmas Candy Ornaments

In tribute to the 2012 neon trend, we decided it would be fun to mix some neon pink into one of our DIY Christmas Ornament projects. For this craft, we used polymer clay to create fun candy ornaments. These ornaments could be mixed into a tree or a garland. I loved the simplicity of this craft (i.e. it’s really hard to mess this one up). This is another fun craft to do with little ones.

Do you have any fun DIY Christmas ornament crafts? Please share!


  • Polymer Clay (at least two different colors)
  • Small eye hooks (or thin wire)
  • Wooden sticks
  • Glitter Spray Paint (optional)
  • Craft Clay Machine or rolling pin (0ptional)



  1. Roll out two different colored strips of clay with your hand into six to ten inch strands. Make sure not to make these strands too thin or they become more difficult to work with. (This can also be done with a Craft Clay Machine/rolling pin to save time.)
  2. Twist the two clay strands together evenly to make one strip.
  3. Roll this new strip of clay around itself until it looks like the top of a lollipop.
  4. Take your wooden stick and push in inside the bottom of the lollipop, then insert the eye hook into the top of the lollipop facing the opposite direction of the lollipop. (If you don’t have an eye hook, you can bend a small wire into a eye hook shape.)
  5. When you have made your desired amount of lollipops, place them on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven at 275˚ for fifteen minutes.
  6. Paint some glitter spray paint over the finished product and let it dry. (Optional)


Candy Cane Variation:

  1. Roll out two different colors of clay in the same way as the lollipops.
  2. Twist them together and bend it into the shape of a candy cane.
  3. Stick an eye hook into the top of the candy cane.
  4. Bake at 275˚ for fifteen minutes and spray paint over the finish product if a slight shimmer is desired.


Ribbon Candy Variation:

  1. Use a Craft Clay Machine/rolling pin to make three different colored strips of clay. (Clay machine/rolling pin is optional.) Make sure that these strips are flat instead of round like the other candy variations.
  2. Push them together so that the sides meet and it looks like one fat strip.
  3. Bend it back and forth on top of itself.
  4. Insert an eye hook into the top of your candy strip and bake the same as the other candy variations.

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