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Design Studio: Decorating Secret No. 2

A few weeks back I shared a design secret from an article I read on House Beautiful. {Quick reminder of idea #1: the perfect space between your mantel and mirror is 7 inches} Today I share idea No. 2 and some of my favorite ideas for implementing this “secret” in your home.


Seems so logical that you would want to keep your collectibles together. However, before you rush to set out the salt and pepper shakers you’ve gathered over the years, you need to understand  that  it takes planning and following a few simple design rules to take your collection from appearing tacky to looking like an artistic display. Whether your passion is tiny treasures or oversize artifacts, here are ideas for displaying, organizing, and storing your favorite collections so they gather compliments—not dust.

fancyhouseroad-displaying-your-collections-ideas-decorvia Real Simple 

Display items in your collection of varying heights and sizes. Think of it as putting together the pieces of a puzzleNot only is it more visually appealing, it also fills up some of the negative space {def: An element of artspace refers to distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece.}  If you really like a design challenge you can try displaying 2 collections that compliment each other in the same area.

littleemmaenglishhome-collections-ideas-design-decorvia Little Emma English Home

Carefully plan where you are going to put your collection. How about filling an empty space in your house with  collectibles?  Tucking items under an open staircase, placing them at the end of a hallway or finding an empty corner in a room  is a great backdrop for larger items that are freestanding.

suitcase-luggage-table-collection-ideas-decorvia Apartment Therapy

Considering collecting items that are functional. You might want to think of how you can use the collectible items in your space. For example, love clocks? Put them all on the same wall and set them to the correct time. Love vintage luggage? Turn your old suitcases into furniture for you and your guest to admire.


collection-collectibles-displays-ideas-clocksvia Casa Sugar

Take advantage of your wall space to creatively show off your collection. Treasured items can be shown on prominent walls in your home. Taking small items and arranging them together can make a big statement. {Who knew plates could look so chic in the entry way of your house?}


foyer-wall-plates-collections-decor-ideasvia Mmmcrafts

Group “like” things together to create a new collection to display in your home. For example, items of the same color-like pottery or glassware- can be placed together. Even though they are eclectic they create a very harmonious look.


display-ideas-decor-design-entry-console-accessoriesvia Inspire Bohemia 

Think outside the box when displaying your collections.  A child’s toy collection can displayed on a framed piece of  painted cork board. Using big pins to organize on the board allows easy access as well as an opportunity to mix it up when you put the items back onto the frame display.


collectibles-ideas-display-decor-ideasvia Real Simple

Have the confidence to go big and bold. If you have a passion for your collection then don’t be afraid to show it off. Creatively organized shelving can wrap around the entire room. It’s perfect for displaying framed art, plates and mirrors. A museum like display case can display a kitschy array of small collectibles. If you’ve got it then you might as well flaunt it!

wall-display-bathroom-collection-mirrorsvia Casa Sugar


  • August 4, 2012 - 1:13 pm

    Kim from 3 peanuts - I agree and have always done this. You posted great examples!!!

  • August 6, 2012 - 4:49 pm

    Debs - Thanks Kim! I loved the ideas in the post-especially the globes with the animal heads. Thinking of doing it in my husband’s office someday.

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