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Inside FHR: Pinterest & Balancing Energies

This past week I’ve been in a slump. I blamed it on various things, but never could quite really pinpoint what it was exactly that caused me to feel this way. It was really hard to get things done; however, there was one thing I was doing AND I was doing well– being on Pinterest.

I never really had the “pinning” bug up until this  point. But alas, it caught up to me and grabbed me by my keyboarding/mouse-holding fingertips. Here’s a few of my favorite things thus far:

  1. Picked up the paints again this week– thought this would be neat inspiration for a future project.
  2. I dream of the day I can stop working from my coffee table. My back is begging me for a chair!
  3. Stole this pin from Keighley. They are some pretty sweet bookends.
  4. A beautiful, delicate bracelet with an even more beautiful stone color.
  5. A fun knit for the fall.
  6. Kitschy envelopes that I would love to re-create!
  7. A clock that reminds me of eating orange slices.

And the good news is, I’ve been working on balancing my energies thanks to Keighley. I’ve been yoga-ing, meditating, making friends with trees (don’t bust it til’ you try it), and so on and so forth.

I can finally feel myself starting to come out of the yuckiness. It’s been wonderful! If  you find yourself in a similar slump, check out my ‘Soul’ board on Pinterest. It’s provided me with the internal balance I needed before I hit yet another semester of school (my last full-time semester as an undergrad!).

How do you find balance? Get out of a slump?

You can find the picture sources on my Pinterest page (and you can come pin with me!) 


  • August 23, 2012 - 2:26 pm

    Debs - Best energy balancing tip {besides hugging a tree or spending hours on Pinterest}…sitting on the beach in Hawaii and listening to the waves. It’s working for me!

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