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DIY: Kite Cupcake Topper Template

If you’re like me, it’s hard to find the time to decorate for parties, or make cute desserts like those other people who spend hours crafting and creating. Sometimes it’s easier just to make plain old cupcakes. However, these kite cupcake toppers are an easy and fast way to spruce up those boring cupcakes and keep up with the super-human crafters out there. They are amazingly simple (the hardest part is making the cupcakes) and you probably own all of the materials at home. These kite cupcake toppers are nice for parties and special occasions, or even as gifts. Download the template below, and get to work on these adorable toppers.




  1. First, download the free kite cupcake topper template and print it onto your choice of colorful paper. (Note: if you don’t want the kite outlines to show on your kites, print them on the back side of your paper.)
  2. Cut out all of the pieces on the template, and cut some string about six inches long.
  3. Glue the little bow ties onto one of the strings. Then, glue the string to the back side of the kite.
  4. If you’re using wooden barbeque skewers, cut them in 4″ pieces while your glue dries.
  5. Once the glue has dried, glue the back side of the kite to your wooden skewer (or toothpick). Then tie the end of your twine to the alternate skewer/toothpick.
  6. After the glue on the back side of your kite has dried, cut of any excess twine and place your toppers into the cupcakes.
  7. Repeat the process for as many kite cupcake toppers as you like.

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