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DIY: Halloween Garland

This garland is a great way to add that perfect finishing touch to your Halloween decorations. String it across a doorway, dresser, or an entire room; it all depends on how long you choose to make it. There is also room for your own artistic variations to make this Halloween garland all your own. Follow the jump for a list of materials and directions!


  • Felt
  • Twine
  • Pom-poms
  • Ribbon
  • Needle
  • Safety pin
  • Decorative embellishments


  1. Cut strips of felt 2 to 3 yards long and about 3 inches wide. String your twine through the needle and tie it off. On the opposite end of the twine, attach a safety pin (so your fabric won’t pull through as you’re working on the garland). Take your needle and sew down the middle of the felt strip with different lengths of stitches ranging from 3 to 6 inches. If you want to, sew on pom-poms every 2-3 inches (the pom-poms actually make it easier to manipulate the garland when you go to hang it, because the fabric will stay in place a little better).
  2. When you are finished stringing the garland, push all of together so it is all scrunched. Adjust how spread out you want it to look. If you are unsatisfied with the length, then sew another strip onto the same string. Once you have the garland at your desired length and fabric thickness, finish it by making a knot at both of the ends (where the needle and safety pin are).
  3. Next, cut strips of ribbon and tie bows onto the exposed parts of the string that don’t already have a pom-pom on them, or any other creative embellishments that you can come up with. (Note: when I did this craft with a group of girls, they embellished the garlands with felt spiders, tool, glitter, paper pinwheels, candy…)


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