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One mom and her daughters are on a quest to achieve a beautiful life.  They talk about relationships, home decor, recipes, fashion, entertaining, shopping, kids, et cetera.


Debbie Poulsen McRae

  1. I’m known by those around me as a perfectionist-a nice way to suggest that I have tendencies to be a little obsessive compulsive. It’s true that I’m detail oriented about “being prepared”, keeping things organized and house cleaning. And that my kids have some great memories of laminated chore charts, beautifully decorated rewards jars and matching purple timeout chairs.
  2. Although I’m the mother of the other blog girls-they call me “Debs”. This name (a shortened version of Deb Cakes which was a variation of Little Debbie Snacks) has caught on and become the name I’m known as on the blog, by son-in-laws & all my kids’ friends.
  3. I want to fit a lot into my life. For example, I’m always reading at least 3 or 4 books-all on different topics. And I have a list of passions a mile long that include: creating, organizing, business, music, art, entertaining, traveling the world, and improving relationships with those I love.
  4. I’ve always been a multi-careered woman i.e. each new decade brings a new career. I got my  nursing degree in my 20’s, began doing interior design in my 30’s; started my own retail décor store, Bella Fine’, in my 40’s. Now, as I begin the newest decade in life (which won’t be mentioned)  I’m getting into the social media scene.
  5. I have an answer for everything-I pride myself on being a problem solver-ask me any question and I will give you possible solutions.
  6. The greatest accomplishments of my life are my children: 5 of my own and 3 that I get to share with the love of my life, my husband, Gary.
  7. Because I lost a handwriting contest in the 4th grade I made it a goal to have perfect handwriting. And I knew that I’d achieved this goal when my children have been accused of typing notes that I’ve actually handwritten to their teachers and people have suggested that I turn my handwriting into a “font”.
  8. Most people don’t know that I’m a Perez Hilton junkie.
  9. In honor of me acting crazy when I was sick with Meningitis. On the one year anniversary of the day I became ill, I reenacted my “crazy” scenes and forced my family to eat a spaghetti dinner with random utensils (i.e. measuring cups, spatula, pots and pans, et cetera)
  10. One of my flaws? (Yes, it’s true… I have flaws) I tend to back my car into everything! Trash cans, bushes, other cars.  My latest car is equipped with a beeper that alerts me when I’m getting to close to something. So far, so good.


Camberley Poulsen Woods

  1. Marketer and a Social Media Freak {I’m online ALL the time}
  2. New Entrepreneur {I just left the corporate world to start my own marketing business (eSocial Strategies)}
  3. Foodie {If I had the time and the money, I would attend culinary arts school. I love food THAT much.}
  4. Feminist {Who says the wife can’t be the primary bread winner?}
  5. I’ve planned out my LIFE.  I know when I’ll get pregnant, when I’ll purchase my next house, what I’m eating for dinner next Wednesday…
  6. My house is the family “zoo”.  {We have dogs, birds and fish}
  7. What annoys me? A lot of talking and not enough action, unmet deadlines, human resources, people who use verbose vocabulary to look cultured {the uneducated + a large vocabulary = shut your mouth}, an unorganized house…..I could keep rambling on…..but I’ll spare you the details.
  8. I’ve been diagnosed as a people pleaser.  I hate disappointing people.  Unfortunately, this leads to saying “Yes” to a lot of things I would love to say “No” to.
  9. I’m jealous of my mom and sisters’ writing abilities.  Everyone always tells me “Oh my gosh! I loved your {insert a mom/sisters’ name} latest blog post.  It was SO funny!” No one ever says that about me.
  10. I have more hair color changes then mood swings {my hair has been blonde, brown, strawberry blonde, red, pink}

  1. I’m a dreamweaver according to a numerology book. I like to think it was right.
  2. I could easily become a recluse. Unfortunately I have a lot of loved ones who get me out of my house.
  3. I switched my college degree 6 times before finishing my degree in the European History.
  4. In older posts I refer to my husband as Mr. Onion. It’s a long story…
  5. I work superbly under stress.
  6. My dream is to have a small cottage in any European countryside. My days would consist of working in my garden, reading, wearing old village garb, complaining about my mean old goat, yearly harvests, and carrying a basket instead of a purse.
  7. I hate when people say ‘UM’- especially when speaking publicly.
  8. I hate talking on the phone so email me!
  9. I love wearing Carrie Underwood t-shirts.
  10. I am constantly feeling awkward for myself, other people, situations, and tv. I can rarely get through an entire tv program without changing the channel because of AWKWARD moments. If you are around me… most likely I’m feeling awkward for you.


  1. Whenever fruit or cottage cheese is missing from Debs kitchen everyone looks to me.
  2. I can never stick with one hobby at a time because I want to do everything. Hence why I am super mediocre at all of them (I.E. I never became that Olympic equestrian horse rider that I aspired to be. Is it too late?)
  3. A day in the life of Kier would be a tragic let down to any audience. Sorry folks, I like my life as simple as it can be. If I cancel on our lunch date for next week I’m sorry in advance.
  4. One day I want to be a physician assistant. The next day I want to be in marketing. And today I just want to be an ice chewing, blog post writing, trashy E show watching girl. Someday I’ll find my niche.
  5. I love being outdoors and would choose it over watching television any day (well, maybe not when it’s cold and rainy).
  6. For some reason I feel like the world is out to get me. I check my back seat each and every time I get into my car alone, and I walk in the parking lot with a key between my knuckles.
  7. I came in last place during the race out of my mother’s womb. I’m la Bébé.
  8. Sometimes I splurge on the latest clothing sales, skin creams, hair masks, and dark chocolate (it’s pretty rare that I do this now that I am married). Depends on what time of the month it is and if I’m feeling high maintenance.
  9. I love pedicures but hate nail polish on my toes. It’s a love-hate.
  10. I care too much about what people think (currently I am thinking about how I am committing social suicide by sharing all of this). Luckily, I have Keighley to help subside this characteristic.

Jamie Shelley Poulsen

Jamie is our fabulous Sister In-Law (it takes one brave lady to marry a man with 4 sisters).   She is so fabulous that we once told our brother “if you ever divorce Jamie we would probably side with her”.  In our eyes, she can do no wrong.

Jamie is the mother of two little boys (Trey – 3 and Grady – 18 months).  Not only is she a ”bomb dot com” sister in-law, she is a wonderful mother.  Therefore, we have asked Jamie to join The Bella Life to share her experiences as a mom. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll notice that most of our kids’ recipes (she has the world’s pickiest eater), kids’ crafts and kids’ health posts will be written by her.  Yay!