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CTR: What’s the BIG DEAL?

Finding the perfect  furniture for your foyer is a BIG DEAL since it generally becomes the focal point. It’s important to take into consideration the size and layout of your foyer since it will determine the size and placement of any furniture.

Will you only be able to add a side table or cabinet since your area is small?

Or is it possible to have a larger table in the middle of the foyer?


Here’s some furniture ideas for your foyer:














Make sure that the furniture you place in your foyer is positioned so that it becomes the focal point-especially as you walk into your house. Allow enough room for the door clearance as well as for a people to enter comfortably.

Happy Decorating!


Pamper Yourself

 I want to introduce all of you to Lollia Life, by Margot Elena. This company was spotlighted by Oprah back in 2004, and although I dislike Oprah, I have to tell you she was right when she put this on her “favorites” list. Not only does Lollia Life have the best smelling goodies your nose has ever come across but, the bottles and designs are enchanting to look at. Take a look…



Lollia Life

bubble bath





lollia 6

eau de parfum


bath foam

lollia 12


If you are in need of a good pamper, order yourself some of this stuff! You will not regret it.
To look or order click  HERE
Hint: The packaging  the products come in are so cute, it’s like getting two gifts at once. I refill the bubble bath bottles and use the empty candles for vases.

Dorm Room Decor Inspirations


I’m currently in the process of pulling together ideas surrounding affordable dorm/apartment decor.  In the process, I’ve stummbled upon a few rooms that inspire me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present my dorm room decor inspirations.


via Apartment Therapy


via Flickr


via Room Decorating Ideas


via 2 Modern


via 2 Modern


via Sprig


via Shelter Pop


via Design Hole Online


via My Designing Solutions


via Apartment Therapy


I will be running down to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to purchase the following book and I’m really excited about it (wow…I’m a nerd). 



Once I’ve completed my dorm room research, I’ll be giving you (my dear Bella readers) step-by-step information on “remaking your space” at an affordable price.


Stay Tuned,