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DIY: Halloween Witches Broom


A few months ago I stumbled upon a box of Root Scrubbers in the cleaning isle at Wal Mart. Initially I crouched down because I was intrigued at the thought people actually used these clumps of dry straw to clean, but upon closer examination realized I was staring at a ready-made Halloween craft.  These witches brooms are the easiest Halloween DIY craft I’ve ever made. For a full list of materials and directions, read on.

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DIY: Halloween Garland

This garland is a great way to add that perfect finishing touch to your Halloween decorations. String it across a doorway, dresser, or an entire room; it all depends on how long you choose to make it. There is also room for your own artistic variations to make this Halloween garland all your own. Follow the jump for a list of materials and directions!

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Recipe: Pumpkin Spiced Streusel Pancakes

It’s another pumpkin recipe! This time with pancakes! (Pumpkin pancakes, try saying that five times fast…) Here is a new way to incorporate the season into your breakfast. This fantastic recipe not only includes pumpkin pancakes, but also a delicious spiced streusel to cover those pancakes. The streusel is cooked onto the pancakes making it slightly crispy over the fluffy pumpkiny pancakes. These pancakes are a mouthwatering meal for either breakfast or dessert and you should make a lot because you will want more than one! Click below to get started!

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Inside FHR: 9 Months Old

A common question uttered from parents’ lips is “where has the time gone?”. In the past, I’d merely respond with, “yeah…yeah…time’s speeding up…blah, blah, blah”. It wasn’t until I watched a tiny infant turn into a clapping, kiss blowing, peek-a-boo playing baby that I realized just how true this statement is. This happened so quickly. And, to think, she’ll never be this small again. In all honesty, if I think about it hard enough I’ll produce tears.

Camberley and Josephine

Josephine will be 9-month-old on Sunday. Where has the time gone?