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DIY Gold Sea Urchin Decoration

Some people like to decorate with dried sea urchins, especially if they live close to the beach. It is a fun way to include a little bit of nature into your decor. However, not all of us live near the ocean, and when people use actual dried urchins, the cool spikes don’t always keep well.

Recently, Elle Decor decorated a concept house for Blogfest 2012. On one of the concept home’s walls, they displayed dozens of gold sea urchin-like sculptures. Since then, I’ve seen golden sea urchin decor popping up all over the web. Using this as my inspiration, I decided to pull together a fun little DIY using Smoothfoam balls, toothpicks, gold spray paint, and barbecue skewers. Read on for materials and directions.

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I can’tt look at this picture without my mouth watering. If you have a sweet tooth, like me, you’ve gotta be feeling the exact same way. This easy dessert involves pears, blueberries, and honey on a delicious puff pastry. Serve this baby warm, then top it with a little vanilla ice cream, and you’ll have a dessert everyone will think you spent hours slaving over.  To make this simple french tart, all you do is prep the fruit, layer it over the puff pastry, and throw it in the oven. For a complete list of ingredients and directions, read on.

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  • October 31, 2012 - 3:42 am

    marie - how beautiful! thanks for sharing! xx


A few months ago I stumbled upon a box of Root Scrubbers in the cleaning isle at Wal Mart. Initially I crouched down because I was intrigued at the thought people actually used these clumps of dry straw to clean, but upon closer examination realized I was staring at a ready-made Halloween craft.  These witches brooms are the easiest Halloween DIY craft I’ve ever made. For a full list of materials and directions, read on.

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This garland is a great way to add that perfect finishing touch to your Halloween decorations. String it across a doorway, dresser, or an entire room; it all depends on how long you choose to make it. There is also room for your own artistic variations to make this Halloween garland all your own. Follow the jump for a list of materials and directions!

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