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  It’s no secret.  My husband is a bean pole.  As a result, his slender frame has been the brunt of many a jokes.  Apparently, these jokes don’t stop short of the enormous glass doors at the Large-Corporation-I-Work-For-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  Take last week’s conversation between Male Fashionista #1 and I at work. (Oh male fashionista, what would my blog content […]

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  As a youngster, I didn’t always wear unsightly Halloween Costumes.  With Mama Debs on my side, I managed to look utterly adorable.     Overtime, a little thing called “Independence” entered the Picture.  Things went south. Real fast.  Debilicious quickly learned that her “Sweet Little Cam Bam” was trying to “find herself”.  Exhibit A:   Exhibit B: […]

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