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Orange is the new Red…

  Orange in the new Red.   Since being introduced in 2009 as one of the hot colors-this color has caught on in popularity. It’s everywhere in 2010! You will see orange in every shade from a dark oranges-with lots of red undertones-to lighter shades that lean more towards yellow. Just take a trip to […]

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A Shopping Paradise…

  High Point- North Carolina-is every woman’s shopping paradise when twice a year this town comes to life for the big international home acessory and furniture tradeshow. And it starts tomorrow!  Unfortunately I won’t be going until the fall due to some scheduling conflicts-both for me and my Bella shopping friends. But that didn’t stop me from checking out some […]

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CTR: My Feather Fetish!

I love down filled pillows. I love how “gushy” they feel, I love how they change shapes to fit whatever purpose that’s intended and I love how much better they make pillows look.   So in honor of my “feather fetish” I thought that we should look at pillow ideas for the bedroom.(Not the kind […]

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