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What Marriage Is Normal?

I feel like I’m always making observations about mine and Dallan’s relationship.  Maybe it’s my way of analyzing our relationship (and deciding if we need to “work” on something).  Maybe it’s my attempt at analyzing the way Dallan’s brain works.  Or, maybe it’s my subconscious looking for blog content. Whatever the case may be, after […]

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Yes It Just Goes On And On My Friends

I started thinking about mine and Dallan’s relationship yesterday and I came to the conclusion that, at this point in our marriage, if Dallan and I were to divorce it would be over one thing.  This is the fight that never ends, yes it just goes on and on my friends. Do you have any […]

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Love and Marriage: Woods Edition

Another snippet from last week’s recording session.  Unfortunately for Dallan, he was forced to sit down in front of the camera (he never should have carpooled with me).  Please ignore my gum chomping and foot tapping.  I know it’s annoying and I have a complex about it. httpv://

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